Thruth about Kisses

Kisses ren’t promisses
they carry no waranties
guaranteeing a lifetime of service
or love
they are but a hunger of two hearts
for the moment
the longing to touch
beneath the surface
to sample the very essence
of one’s soul
to taste
to explore
to experience one’s breath
and perhaps
draw life from it….
gently probing
pressing part outward appearances
and reservations
nudging each other’s
consciences and desires
into awakening
chalenging one another’s inhibitions
in a gentle game
of thruth or dare
leaving a portion
of one’s inner self behind
sometimes meaning to return to the well
for yet another drink
sometimes not
for the cord
has been broken
only the sweet aroma
of two spirits once intertwined
remains to dissipate
into unspoken memories
and feeling never vocalized…
no promises made…
no promises kept…
after all
kisses never have been
and never will be

—Michelle McKinney Hammond

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